Crude Iron – act I


Music theatre for narrator, voices and small ensemble. 

The piece was developed and rehearsed through the workshop “Nama…Pur” – a polyrhythmic ritual. 

Inspired by the novel “Crude Iron” by Sofronis Sofroniou.

Music: Andys Skordis 
Text: Sofronis Sofroniou 

Narrator: Alexandra Kazazou 
Recorder/Vubraphone: Yiorghos Smak 
Piano/Vibraphone: Nick Cassey 
Clarinet/Marimba: Louisa Vianden 
Saxophone/Marimba: Orfeas Grammatikopoullos 
Percussion: Dimitris Zacharakis, George Mandikas 
Voices soloists: Savina Yiannatou, Elena Pouliou, Zoi, Thanos 

Chorus from the workshops: Free vocal improvisation, Polyphonic body, Enter Pulsation 
Lights: Alexandros Seitaridis 

During the framework of “Vibrating Body I” – Music Village 2019 

Performed at Stratonas, Ayios Lavrentios , Pelion (GR)


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