Other Projects I am involved

Brain Masturbation – Free Improv. spontaneous band (electronics, percussion, voice)

Narwastu – Balinese Gamelan group in Denpasar


Nice people with amazing music!

Aftab Darvishi

Richard Ayres

Rafael Reina

Wim Henderickx

Louis Agguire

Mattthias Kranebitter

Enrique Mendoza

Giuliano Bracci

Thanasis Deligiannis

Yu Oda

Noriko Koide

Trevor Grahl

Aspasia Nasopoulou

Lefteris Moumtzis



Toonzetters – Annual award for the best Contemporary composition in The Netherlands

Gaudeamus Festival – Contemporary music festival (Utrecht, The Netherlands)

CoCoa – organizations where composers co-compose pieces together

Louvana Records – Non profit Record Label in Cyprus

Eleven63 – Amazing studio (Nicosia, Cyprus)

Cyprus music information center

Looptail – Ensemble of contemporary music (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Project 128 – Techno with contemporary music (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Black Page Orchestra – Ensemble of contemporary music (Vienna, Austria)

Dissonart – Ensemble of contemporary Music (Thessaloniki, Greece)

Unsafe and Sounds – Contemporary music festival (Vienna, Austria)

International Ensemble Modern Academy (Germany)

Orkest de Ereprijs (The Netherlands)