List of Pieces

Works in progress:

“In…Se” – opera

For 3 singers, choir and 3 Gamelan orchestras (Selonding, Gong Kebyar, Semar Pegulingan)

Libretto/Direction: Jelena Vuksanovic

To be performed in Bali and Java, March 2018

Commissioned by: Narwastu Art Community


My compositions in chronological order:    

52 – “Masaka…mbe”

for Flute, Mezzo Soprano and Percussion

Duration: ca. 16 minutes

First performance: TBA

Commissioned by Avaton Distorted Festival

Supported by FondsPodiumKunsten

51 – “Filoktitis” (music for theater)

for Clarinet, Bass Clarinet and Percussion

First performance: 25/08/2017 – Aisxyleia 2017, Eleysina – Greece

50 – “over and overr and overrr and overrrr and overrrrr…”

for 4 flutes and Javanese Gamelan (Pelog)

Duration: ca. 45 minutes

First Performance: 19/07/2017 – Syros International Film Festival, Syros – Greece

Commissioned by: SIFF 

Supported by: Embassy of Indonesia, Athens

49 – “me…ti…me”

for SATB choir

Duration: ca. 7 minutes

First Performance: 07/05/2017 – Igreja da Madalena, Lisbon – Portugal

Commissioned and Performed by: Studio Conducere

Supported by FondsPodiumKunsten

48 – “Sia…Sarakou”

for 2 alto Saxophones and Tape

Duration: ca. 8 minutes

First Performance: 10th February 2017 – CMMAS, Morelia – Mexico

Commissioned and Performed by: EMAC Ensemble

Supported by FondsPodiumKunsten

47 – “Ρα…Πατσιά…Ου” , “Ra…Patsia…Ou” – Opera

for Flute, Clarinet, Trombone, 2 Percussionists, Piano, Cello, Contrabass, Gamelan and Electronics

Duration: ca. 60 minutes

First Performance: 5th October 2016 – Kypria International Festival 2016, Stegi Chorou, Nicosia

Performed by: PATSIAOURA Ensemble

46 – “Ou…DA”

for Flute, Bass Clarinet, Trombone, Percussion, Piano, El. Guitar, Violin, Cello, Contrabass and Tape

Duration: ca. 13 minutes

First Performance: 23rd September 2016 – Unsafe and Sounds Festival – Arena, Vienna

Commissioned and Performed by: The Black Page Orchestra

45 – “Frontears…” piece for Dance

for Tape

Duration: ca. 15 minutes

First performance: 20th March 2016 – Rialto Theater, Limassol

Commissioned and Performed by Amfidromo Chorotheatro

44 – “KRA…NE”

for Alto Saxophone, Percussion and Piano

Duration: ca. 13 minutes

First performance: 8th October 2015 – Aalborg

Performed by Trio Zoom

Commissioned by KOM IND I MUSIKKEN (DK)

43 – “E…SOU…A?”

Oratorio for Balinese Gamelan and Choir

Duration: ca. 60 minutes

First performance: 5th July 2015 – Denpasar Arts Center – Bali Arts Festival

Performed by: Narwastu Art Community, Conductor: Andys Skordis

commissioned by Narwastu Arts Community

supported by FondsPodiumKunsten

42 – “Ου…Πατσιά…Ρα” – “Ou…Patsia… Ra” – Opera

Opera for Flute, Trombone, Clarinet, 2 Percussionists, 2 Sopranos, Cello, Contrabass and mixed media

Duration: ca. 90 minutes

First Performance: 13th November – Egomio Cultural Center – Nicosia

Performed by: PATSIAOURA Ensemble

commissioned by Louvana Records in the framework of :2nd Contermorary Series:

supported by FondsPodiumKunsten 

 41 – “TIR…MBO”

For Bass Clarinet, Horn, Percussion, Piano, Viola and Cello

Duration: 12 minutes

First performance: 12th March 2014 – Megaron Mousikis – Athens

Performed by: Ελληνικό Συγκρότημα Σύγχρονης Μουσικής – GreeckContemporary Music Ensemble

Conductor: Theodore Antoniou

commissioned by Workshop of new composers – Greece

40 – “And I shall call you…untitled…”

for 2 flutes, oboe, cor anglais, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, contra-bassoon, 2 horns, trumpet, bass trombone, percussion, piano and strings

Duration: 17 minutes – Never performed

39 – “And around us…They weep…Sir!”

For Harp solo

Duration: 9 minutes – Never performed

38 – “Yellow…”

For Flute, Clarinet, Piano, Violin and Cello

Duration: 30 seconds

First performance: 14th October 2013  – Villa Kapantzi – Thessaloniki

Performed by: Dissonart Ensemble

37 – “Cherry…make some noise!”

For Clarinet and Oscilator

Duration: ca. 6 minutes – Never Performed

36 – “An empty something…something empty…”

For Flute, Oboe, Contrabass Clarinet, Contrabassoon, Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, 2 percussionists, 2 pianos and string quartet

Duration: ca. 13 minutes

First performance: 6th September 2013 – Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2013 – Utrecht

Performed by: International Ensemble Modern Academy, Conductor: Vimbaye Kazibone

Commissioned by Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2013

supported by FondsPodiumKunsten

35 – “All we need is steiners…Stainers’ all we need…”

For Flute, 2 Recorders, Bass Clarinet, 3 Percussionists, Synthesizer and DJ

Duration: ca. 9 minutes

First performance: 5th June 2013 – MLK – Amsterdam

Performed by: Amsterdam Collage Ensemble and Looptail

Commissioned by Project 128

supported by FondsPodiumKunsten

34 – “Asleep…but hearing?” – who?

For Alto Sax, Bass Clarinet, Tuba, Piano, Violin, Cello and Marimba

Duration: 7 minutes

First Performance: 2nd April 2014

Performed by: Avlitria Ensemble

commissioned by Avlitria Ensemble

33 – “Asleep…but hearing?”


for Contrabass Clarinet

Duration: 8 minutes

First performance: 29th July 2017 – Orlando Clarinet Fest 2017

Commissioned and Performed by: Jason Alder


For Alto Saxophone and Percussion

Duration: 7 minutes 

First Performance: 10th April 2013 – Zaal100 – Amsterdam

Saxophone: Boglarka Nagy, Percussion: Robin Eggers

commissioned by Boglarka Nagy


For Accordion

Duration: 9 minutes

First Performance: 4th November 2012 – Fløng Kirke – Copenhagen

Commissioned and Performed by: Adam Ørvad

32a – “Fully unfulfill…the fulfillment”

For Brass Orchestra ( 4 Trumpets, 4 Horns, 3 Tenor Trombones, 2 Bass Trombones, 2 Tubas)

Duration: ca. 11 minutes – Never Performed

32b – “Fully unfulfill…the fulfillment”

For String Orchestra

Duration: ca. 11 minutes

First Performance: 9th June 2013  – XXXV Foro Internacional de Música Nueva Manuel Enríquez – Mexico City

Performed by: Orquesta de Cámara de Bellas Artes

Selected from Call for Works for the XXXV Foro Internacional de Música Nueva Manuel Enríquez

31 – “Happening…but not…kjkjk”

for 3 recorders, Clarinet, 2 Percussions

Duration: 8:30 minutes

First Performance: 17th June 2012, Amstelkerk – Amsterdam

Performed by: Amsterdam Collage Ensemble, Conductor: Konradin Herzog

Commisioned by Amsterdam Collage Ensemble

30 – «Ο ΙππήςΤου ΙππήΕ ΙππήΠοιός Ιππεί

Ballet – for Symphony Orchestra

Duration: 28 minutes

1st prize in Composition contest held by Cyprus Symphony Orchestra for the European presidency of Cyprus.

First Performance: 4th November 2015 – Strovolos Municipal Theatre

Performed by: Cyprus Sympony Orchestra, Conductor: Yiorgos Kountouris

29 – “1…why 3??”

for Piano, Flute, Clarinet, Violin and Cello

Duration: 9:30 minutes

First Performance: 25th October 2012, Pasydi – Nicosia

Performed by: Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble

28 – “You go to fast…You move to slow…”

for Piano

Duration: 7 minutes

First Performance: 10th December 2011, Theaterzaal – Amsterdam

Piano: Anne Veinberg

Commissioned by Anne Veinberg

27 – “So we commence…where?”

for Piano, Violin and Cello

Duration: 7 minutes

First Performance: 5th September 2011, Shoe Factory – Nicosia

Performed by: Mousique Nouvelles

Commisioned for the 3rd International Contemporary Music Festival – Nicosia

26 – “We will always follow…where did you go?”

for 2 recorders, 2 clarinets and Percussion

Duration: 9 minutes

First Performance: 7th June, Haitinkzaal – Amsterdam

Sopranos: Sarah Jeferey, Ingebor Christophersen, Clarinets: Charis Kostantinou, Jason Alder, Percussion: Adam Jeffrey

25 – “The deeper you go…the deeper you go…the deeper you go… deeper you go…you go…you?”

for 5 Sopranos, 5 Clarinets, 5 Trombones, 5 Cellos, 2 Percussionists, Piano, Harpsichord

Duration: 28 minutes

Awarded the Buma Toonzetters Prize 2012

First Performance: 9th June 2011 – Theaterzaal – Amsterdam

Conductor: Andys Skordis

24 – “Hm…have we gone anywhere?”

for 2 violins

Duration: 4 minutes – Never performed

23 – “Silkstone, … are you ever going to shatter?”

for 3 singers and large ensemble

Duration: 4 minutes

Nominated for De Ereprijs 2011

First Performance: 19th February 2011, Theater De Chameleon – Apeldoorn

Performed by: Orkest de Ereprijs

22 – «7 unceremonious occasions»

for Brass Quintet

Duration: 12 minutes

Nominated for the Gaudeamus Prize 2012

First Performance: 22th March 2011, Haitinkzaal – Amsterdam

Trumpets: Alex Mawizc, Dolan Jones Horn: Wendy Mermet, Trombone: Marcus Larjomaa, Tuba: Guillermo Collazo

Conductor: Andys Skordis

21 – «Sorry to Interfere…anyone cares?»

for Clarinet, Piano, Percussion, 2 Violins and Cello

Duration: 9 minutes

First Performance: 14th June 2010, Haitinkzaal – Amsterdam

Clarinet: Charis Kostantinou, Piano: Milena Dukanovic, Percussion: Adam Jeffrey,

Violins : Tolga Kulak, Dolan Jones, Cello: Belen Fernandez Chasco

Conductor: Andys Skordis

20 – “……” – Στην βρύσην των ποιών;

For Symphony Orchestra

Duration: 18 minutes

2nd prize at Composition Competition held from Cyprus Symphony Orchestra for the 50th year anniversary of the Republic of Cyprus

First Performance: 24th March 2012, Larnaka Municipal Theatre

Performed by: Cyprus Symphony Orchestra

Conductor: Russel Harris

19 – “Gorillas and Porcupines don’t live together…but they both drink water”

for Harp and Dancer

Choreography: Esther Steinkogler

Duration: 25 min

First Performance: 10th May 2010, Van Gogh Museum – Amsterdam

Harp: Anna Steinkogler    Dance: Esther Steinkogler

commissioned by Anna Steinkogler

18 – “IN RAN AIR”

for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Mandolin, Guitar, Piano, Harp, Percussion, Violin, Viola, Cello, Contrabass

Duration: 10 minutes

First performance: 2nd April 2010, Haitinkzaal Amsterdam

The Nieuw Ensemble

Conductor: Lucas Vis

17 – “On eeplusonee qual szero”

for two pianos

Duration: 10 minutes – Never performed

16 – “Rationality makes you sleepy”

Short Opera for Alto Flute, Cello, Soprano, Baritone, Actress

Duration: 10 minutes

First Performance: 9th November, Stadschouwburg – Utrecht, Yo- Opera Festival

Flute: Joao Duarte, Cello: Anne Korf de Gidts, Soprano : Thorunn Valdimarsdottir, Baritone: Petur Heimisson, Actress: Rianne Botma

15 – “Extrasolar Voices in an Absentminded Land”

Oratorio for 2 Narrators, Choir and Chamber Orchestra

Duration: 50 minutes

First performance: 15th December 2009, Haitinkzaal – Amsterdam

Extrasolar voices Choir and Absentminded Land Ensemble

Conductor: Andys Skordis

14 – “SNT ”

for Violoncello

Duration: 15 minutes

First Performance: 10th December 2011, Haitinkzaal –  Amsterdam

Cello: Wilma Pistorius

13 – “Attimo Ganamurti”

for 2 Sopranos, 2 Celtic Harps and percussion

Duration: 8 minutes

First performance: 13th June 2009, Haitinkzaal – Amsterdam

Sopranos: Caroline Mahot, Judith Fa, Harps: Anna Steinkogler, Reyes Gomez Benito Percussion: Laurent Warnier

Conductor: Andys Skordis

12 – “Sonata No.2 – Venendo fuori dalla nerezza illuminarsi”

for Piano

Duration: 20 minutes – Never Performed

11 – “…..”

for Symphony Orchestra

Duration: 15 minutes – Never Performed

10 – “A mS Tr I Ct A M B S”

for Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, Trumpet, Trombone, Sopranos, Percussion, Violin and Cello

Duration: 12 minutes – Never Performed

9 – “MAnIA(NA)IaM”

for String quartet

Duration: 18 minutes

First Performance: 5th February 2009, Haitinkzaal – Amsterdam

Violins: Katarzyna Kadziolka, Beni Konrad,

Viola: Emanuel gouvelis  Cello: Belen Fernandez Chasco


for Piano, Violin and Cello

Duration: 7 minutes

First Performance: 3rd December 2010, Haitinkzaal – Amsterdam

Piano: Emil Tan Erten, Violin: Dolan Jones, Cello: Wilma Pistorius

7 – Song Cycle based on text by: James Joyce

“Bahnofstrasse”, “At that Hour”, “Ecce Puer”

for Soprano Coloratura and Piano

Duration: 12 minutes

First performance: 20th May 2007, Berklee College of Music – Boston

Soprano: Kathleen O’brien, Piano: Laurent Ziliani

6 – “Sonata for Baritone Saxophone and Piano”

Duration: 20 minutes

First Performance: 29th May 2007, Berklee College of Music – Boston

Piano: Yukiko Shimazaki, Sax: Davindar Singh

5 – “MT”

for Guitar

Duration: 7 minutes

First performance: 5th February 2010, Haitinkzaal – Amsterdam

Guitar: Praxitelis Nikolaou

4 – “Le Lion et l’agneau”

Film Score for Flute, Bass Clarinet, Piano, Percussion, 2 Violins, Cello and Contrabass

Duration: 7 minutes

Performed and Recorded on 15th April 2007 at Berklee Studios, Boston

3 – “Van Ish” preludes for piano

for piano

Duration: 30’

First performed: 21st January 2007, at Berklee College of Music

Piano: Hinako Sato

2 – “Faceless Shadows”

Film Score for Piano, Soprano Sax, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax and Bassoon

Duration: 18 minutes

Performed and Recorded on 21st November 2006 at Berklee Studios, Boston

1b– “…..”

For chamber orchestra

Duration: 15minutes

Never performed

1a – “….”

For string orchestra

Duration: 12 minutes

First performance: 12th November 2006 at Old South Church, Boston

Kalistos Chamber Orchestra

Conductor: David Callahan


4 – “I want to undress you…vulgarize you a bit” – Co-Composed with Enrique Mendoza

for Flute and Tape

3 – “Done Non Done Non None” – Co-Composed with Kaveh Vares

for Bass Clarinet, Trombone, Percussion, Violin, Contrabass and electronics

First Performance: 24th July 2015 – Festival Hongerige Wolf – Groningen

2 – “Olafy” – Co-Composed with Aftab Darvishi

for Soprano, Bass Clarinet, Trombone, Percussion, Violin, Contrabass and electronics

First Performance: 24th July 2015 – Festival Hongerige Wolf – Groningen

1 – “Tales from Afar…”Co-Composed with Andre Douw

for Clarinet, Horn, Soprano,Bass, Harpsichord, 2 Percussionists, Cello and Contrabass

Duration: 45 minutes

Never Performed


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