Large Ensemble [6+]


for flute, bass clarinet, trombone, el. guitar, percussion, keyboards, violin, cello, contrabass and electronics – 2016


for Bass Clarinet, Horn, Percussion, Piano, Viola and Cello – 2013

“An empty something…something empty…”

for alto flute,cor anglais, contrabass clarinet, contrabassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone, 2 percussionists, 2 pianos, string quartet – 2013

“U…ZU” – wailing…

for flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, viola, cello – 2019

“Happening…but not…kjkjk?”

for 3 Recorders, Bass Clarinet and 2 Percussionists – 2012  

“Sorry to Interfere…Anyone cares?”

 for Clarinet, Piano, Percussion, 2 Violins and Cello – 2010

In Ran Air 

for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Piano, Percussion, Harp, Guitar, Mandolin, Violin, Viola, Cello and Contrabass – 2010

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