Music Theatre


for 8 voices, narrator, youth choir and orchestra

When a chess player is fatally shot in New York’s Union Square, he is transferred to the planet of Little Life, a place Eight times larger than Earth, where he gets, like everyone there, ten more years to live. His body transforms again at the age of twenty, but the memory impressions of his previous life remain intact. Soon, the state of this new world turns out to be even more instable. Different schools of thought insist that in Little Life people have to relive their entire history on Earth, while some others prefer to start from a mnemonic tabula rasa framework. Through a series of striking episodes, the opera Crude Iron takes the spectator on a delirious journey spun in the vertigo of memory, time and technology.

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“In…Se…” -dawning-

for Gamelan, voices, masks, and human puppets shadow theatre

“IN…SE…”-dawning- is a music theatre work for voices, gamelan, and dancers, with duration of 120 minutes. The piece is based on the tale of Bima Suci’s quest for the holy water, which originates from the Indian epic of Mahabharata embracing its characters, virtues, and allegories. Additionally, the work is closely connected to the concept of Sekala & Niskala, which in Balinese culture stand for the visible and invisible worlds that co-exist in every day’s life, rites and rituals of Bali.

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“Crude Iron”

For Narrator, voices,  And small ensemble

Crude Iron, is a music theatre performance for narrator, small ensemble and mixed choir.

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for soprano, mezzo soprano, flute, clarinet, trombone, 2 percussionists, keyboard, cello, contrabass and electronics

“PATSIAOURA”, a contemporary opera set in Cypriot dialect, narrates the story of a sculptress who falls in love with one of her creations, her sculpture. The opera is divided in two acts/parts, and composed for soprano, mezzo soprano, flute, clarinet, trombone, 2 percussionists, cello, contrabass, gamelan (pre-recorded) and electronics. The total duration is 150 minutes.

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“The deeper you go…the deeper you go…the deeper you go…deeper you go…you go…you?”

for 5 sopranos, 5 clarinets, 5 trombones, 5 cellos, 2 percussionists, piano and harpsichord

“The deeper you go..” creates a context similar to looking yourself in many mirrors at the same time… You are always the same person but somehow misplaced in time…