Andys Skordis (Cyprus, 1983) is a composer of contemporary music, with special emphasis on large scale works, music theatre and site specific pieces. His music is often characterised as archaic and dark, resulting in performances which are frequently compared with rituals or ceremonial occurrences. His work list includes operas, orchestral and chamber pieces, Gamelan music, vocal works, as well as music for dance, theatre and short films. In addition, he has created various music theatre performances in site specific locations like quarries, temples, abandoned buildings, forests, floating stages, and more. His music has been performed worldwide and has received international recognition through prizes and awards. Most notably he received the BUMA Toonzetters prize ( best contemporary composition of 2012 in The Netherlands), as well as awards from ISCM, Fedora platform, Third Coast Percussion group, Cyprus Symphony Orchestra, and more. Recently he received the Berlin Opera Prize 2022 and the Black Pencil Prize. Besides composing, he teaches advanced rhythm (composition & reading) at the Conservatorium Van Amsterdam, he is the founder of PATSIAOURA ensemble, an artistic collaborator with the Greek National opera, the music curator of Xarkis festival and the guitarist of Monsieur Doumani; a multi awarded trio from Cyprus. Andys studied composition at Berklee College of Music and at the Conservatorium Van Amsterdam, with additional studies in Karnatic music with Dr Rafael Reina and in Balinese Gamelan at ISI Denpasar in Bali.

Curriculum Vitae/Resume







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