Andys Skordis (1983, Nicosia – Cyprus)

Being born and raised in Cyprus, and living abroad from the age of 20,  I was in contact with various forms of music from my childhood. I grew up playing electric guitar in rock and metal bands, studying classical theory and piano, playing euphonium in marching bands, and later on I discovered Karnatic music, traditional percussion from the Middle East and West Africa, free improvisation, noise and Gamelan. I have studied composition at Berklee College of Music and Conservatorium Van Amsterdam,  with additional studies in  Karnatic music and Gamelan music from Bali and Java. My music ranges from symphonic works, opera, chamber music, gamelan music, music for dance and film music which was presented in festivals and concerts in Europe, Asia and America.

My music is inspired from my personal experiences and mind states over the time, and I consider my music as a time sculpture that adopts form in the context it is performed. I find inspiration in the primordial human nature, in ceremonial and mystical rituals from the world, striving to create performances where music becomes a pathway to an experience.



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