Coordination workshops

How music can improve synchronization and co-ordination as a team

Gamelan music and Kecak, originating from Indonesia, have a strong foundation in how music can function at a collective level. In Gamelan and Kecak, all musical lines are broken down in several pieces, which in order to function harmoniously all members of an ensemble need to be fully coordinated with their partners in all levels.

The series of workshops focus on Gamelan and Kecak, as the ground to explore and work with. These foundations are introduced to the attendants with various audio and video samples, as well as a more detailed overview of the core structure of the music. Later on, these models become the ground for the practical outcome to take place. In other words, using simple rhythmical exercises, the attendants learn how to function as a team, how to listen to each other and how to maintain a common breathing ground. More principles such as how to sustain the same speed, how to accelerate following the same pace and how to arrive somewhere at the same time, are establishments that we focus during these workshops.

These seminars were presented worldwide, in various locations and foundations and to different groups of people; both musicians and non-musicians. More specifically these seminars were presented to: professional musicians, actors, dancers, University students of various disciplines, teachers of music, elementary and high school teachers, and company teams.

Ideal for ensembles, teams, groups of any kind who want to improve their functionality and coordination as a collective


  • Blackboard
  • Speakers
  • Projector (VGA or HDMI input)


  • 3 sessions 2 hours long (including a small break)
  • long session (half day)
  • small performance at the end of the workshop


  • Musical knowledge is not required
  • Voice is used as the primary instrument

Tutor: Andys Skordis

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Video Samples: