Advanced Rhythm workshops


Rhythm is undoubtedly a big part of our lives. From the moment we are born, our heart beats and we are synchronized with something rhythmical that accompanies us until the “end”. In this series of workshops we will be studying rhythm extensively through a different approach, the polyrhythmic one; in other words the existence of two or more rhythms at the same time. During the lessons we will be taught various ways of approaching rhythm, through the techniques of Karnatic Music (Classical music of South India) and how to correctly execute and create polyrhythms using our voices (Konnakol method). At the same time we will learn how to develop polyrhythms and how to understand and perform complicated rhythmical structures.

To summarize, the workshop introduces the participants to the meaning of polyrhythms by suggesting methods of improving the feeling of pulse. Ultimately, we will transfer the polyrhythms we learned to our musical instruments and we will create a composition that will include the rhythmical matters we have covered along with more elements from Karnatic music (Ragas – Scales, Tala – Meter, Form, etc). The piece will be presented at the end of the workshop

These workshops were presented worldwide, in various locations and foundations and to different groups of people; both musicians and non-musicians. More specifically these workshops were presented to: professional musicians, amateur musicians, actors, dancers and teachers of music.

Ideal for people who want to develop their rhythmical skills.


  • Blackboard
  • Speakers
  • Projector (VGA or HDMI input)


  • 3 or more sessions 2 hours long (including a small break)
  • Long session (half day)
  • Small performance at the end of the workshop

Tutor: Andys Skordis

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