PHRASES investigates the subtle space between the things that we see and those we don’t. Reconsidering tools of accessibility, Venetsiana Kalampaliki uses text and movement as her basic tools to build a narration that travels from the very inside of the body to the extended environment that we share. By applying the simple acts of sitting, standing, stepping and jumping, the stage is transformed into a moving text, proposing multiple ways of perceiving what is seen and what is heard, what is done and what is said. With a wide range of descriptive elements, from anatomical mechanisms of movement to dictionary definitions the performance navigates the audience to factual yet fictional landscapes.

This album was created for the performance “PHRASES” by Venetsiana Kalampaliki

Concept, text, performance: Venetsiana Kalampaliki
Music composition: Andys Skordis
Singer: Kristia Michael
Text Editing: Sofronis Sofroniou

Recorded at: Studio Schenk
Mixed by: Andreas Trachonitis, Studio eleven63
Mastering: Marco Antonio Spaventi
Cover: Georgios Kondylis

Whole Performance

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