Rhythm Lessons

Lessons to improve your rhythmical abilities and perception!

Topics covered:

*Rhythmical divisions and development

*Polyrhythm fundamentals. How to correctly execute polyrhythms

*Irregular phrasing over complicated rhythms

*Precise rhythmical accuracy when performing


Elementary – Musicians with minimal training who aim to develop their rhythmical skills, correctly execute rhythmical passages ,and more

Advanced – Musicians with training who want to execute more complex rhythmical patterns, refine their rhythmical abilities, and more

Professional – Musicians who acquire a professional training and would like to master their abilities in rhythmical execution and perform complex rhythmical passages.

The content of the lesson is based on rhythmical techniques deriving from Karnatic music. The lessons will be presented following the konnakol method (ta-ke-di-mi) as well as a theoretical approach. The techniques will later on be carried out in your instrument or your composition.

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Lessons are provided through Internet platforms such as: Zoom, Skype, Microsoft teams, Viber

Individual or group lessons 

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