Composition lessons

Private composition lessons in various disciplines


  • Composition

Private sessions about a specific composition of the student, or various pieces. Comments are made on form, orchestration, harmony and various other aspects that are featured in the composition. Compositional techniques are introduced.


  • Orchestration

Detailed approach in orchestration and instrumentation. Exercises orchestrating various pieces of music from the 18th – 21st century. Introduction to orchestration styles and approaches. Orchestration of new compositions by students.


  • Microtonality

Lessons on microtonality and various concepts found in contemporary music. Lessons cover Just intonation as well as other tuning systems.


  • Rhythmical complexity

Lessons on rhythmical development, correct notation and approach to rhythmical structures.


Ideal for people who want an additional opinion on their music, students who wish to enter a composition program at a university.


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