“OU…DA” is inspired by the sculptures of Incantadas, a series of sculptures found in Thessaloniki from the Roman Era. According to an urban myth, Incantadas were frozen human beings (most specifically Alexander the Great and his lover) that got frozen under a spell in order to hide their love. Frozen suggests something opposite from being alive, since its something still and timeless. However, I perceive frozen as something more alive than being alive since it stays eternal; in other words something that would happen in order for something to last forever, or stay alive forever.

OUDA, is a fictional creature, whose ability is to transform life into something frozen and the other way around. The performers are calling this deity to arrive and to give them life from being frozen, but also the other way round. The whole process moves from frozen to alive and back, suggesting an endless loop going from one end to the other. The creature arrives and makes these transformations throughout the piece, and by the end it is unclear as to what state the performers are.

Ultimately these states are found within ourselves. We all have a frozen and a living nature, moving from one to the other according to a current psychological or emotional state. These states can be translated to many things, alive/frozen – good/bad – happy/sad – and so on; states that we encounter each moment of our lives…The question is whether we choose which state to be in, or we expect someone else to guide us; in this case perhaps OUDA. I have no answer to this that’s why I write this piece…

Commissioned and performed by: Black Page Orchestra

Unsafe and Sounds Festival 2016 – Vienna


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