“Rituals…and Bad Manners”


for Flute, Bass Clarinet, Trombone, El. Guitar, Keyboard, Percussion, Violin, Cello, Contrabass and Electronics – 2016

OUDA, is a fictional creature, whose ability is to transform life into something frozen and the other way around. The performers are calling this deity to arrive and to give them life from being frozen, but also the other way round. The whole process moves from frozen to alive and back, suggesting an endless loop going from one end to the other. The creature arrives and makes these transformations throughout the piece, and by the end it is unclear as to what state the performers are.

Performed by: The Black Page Orchestra

Unsafe and Sounds Festival 2016, Vienna (AT)



for Bass Clarinet, Horn, Percussion, Piano, Viola and Cello – 2013


TIRMBO, a fictional creature, whose ability is to enhance the animalistic nature found within ourselves. The piece re-creates a ritual, where people unite in order to arrive in that state. The performers behave as shamans of the ceremony, calling this creature to arrive and to embody them. One by one they are being enchanted by TIRMBO besides one performer.


Performed by: Hellenic Contemporary Music Ensemble

Megaron Mousikis, Athens (GR)



for Alto saxophone, Piano and Percussion – 2015


The piece is about a creature named “KRANE”, which refers to a fictional creature, who has the ability of transforming life to its opposite context and form.

The players call upon this creature to arrive and transform them. Krane transforms something by possessing him/her/it and then leaves when the transformation has been completed.  The creature quietly arrives, and it takes life by possessing the saxophonist. Subsequently, it possesses the pianist and finally the percussionist. After being in all of them, the creature has successfully transformed them all, and it departs leaving behind it a scent, to let them know it has been there. The performers are already transformed to their opposite, but without understanding it.

The piece shows another angle of the procedure one takes in order to change. Something that begins conscious and ends subconscious, without even understanding whether something has actually happened. Krane’s character is dark and brutal but its scent is sweet and gentle, suggesting that underneath each rough surface or procedure one has to face to transform, there is always something sweet inside…

Performed by: Trio Zoom

Kom in di Muzziken 2015, Aalbord (DK)


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