“While the agitated beasts enter the garden of fear…”

“While the agitated beasts enter the garden of fear…” attempts to re-create the various sensations we experience by fear. Either as a state of terror, obsession, manipulation, nostalgia, release, and so on. Fear appears in many forms in our lives, and in a way shapes the way we live and the choices we make.

The word fear is translated as Fovos in Greek Language. According to the Greeks, Fovos was the son of Ares (God of War) and he was considered as a deity. People used to worship him before warfare, in order for the upcoming battle to be in their favour. In a similar approach, each part/movement of the piece acts as a ceremonial occurrence towards Fovos, worshiping and embracing each unique state of fear and ultimately conquering it, allowing ourselves to be released from it.



Piano: Rami Sarieddine
Percussion: Natasa Hadjiandreou
Clarinet: George Georgiou
Cello: Robertas Grod
Conductor: Andys Skordis

Visuals: Adonis Archontides

Supported by FondsPodiumKunsten

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