Love and Death… Possibly the only events in our lives the existence of which is undisputable. No matter how much they differ, in some occasions they are related and even connected… “Ra…Patsia…Ou” is the second part of the opera “Ou…Patsia…Ra”, which introduced us to the world of a sculptress who fell in love with one of her creations, her sculpture; in other words, something that formed a shape according to her own inspiration and craft. In “Ra…Patsia…Ou”, the sculptress brings her sculpture to life, but witnesses its procedure of falling apart as time goes by. Incapable of interfering in   this deconstructive procedure, she is haunted by guilt that she has created a creature and condemned it to its own disintegration. The sculpture embodies the role of the sculptress’s consciousness, since it loves her because she had brought it to life, but nevertheless it enforces her with remorse and hatred that drive her to paranoia and madness. “Ra…Patsia…Ou’ is a contemporary opera, set in the Cypriot dialect and performed by nine musicians along with electronics and pre-recorded Gamelan music.

Composer/Libretto: Andys Skordis

Scenography: Costantinos Louca

Costumes: Nefeli Sidiropoulou

Light design: Arto Malian

Text editing: Sofronis Sofroniou


Sculptress: Sophie Fetokaki, Sculpture: Elli Aloneftou,

Flute/Trombone: Demetris Yiasemides, Clarinet: Charis Konstantinou

Percussion: Andreas Trachonitis, Stephanos Meletiou

Cello: Brice Catherin, Contrabass: Nicolas Tryphonos, Keyboards: Nicolas Melis

Conductor: Andys Skordis, Sound Engineer: Mikaela Tsaggari

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