“Σεραζί Σεραζί μουρουτσού χαραντανόνι ανουήδ οσφρίας αριανά αχβίν κανίκου τατά ο παούφ πουρού πορέ πουτουσινάθ παναβατέ ταλαλάδο πάτνο πουλουκί σπεσέ ρουπιέ μανοέ παράκλιτον μαούς.”

The text comes from a spell used in Cyprus folklore towards witches. This spell was used to enchant the witch, along with a snake.

The piece suggests a happening where the musicians are a representation of a witch, split in three parts. As the witch hears the chant, each time she gets more intense since the spell is working on her, and the more she listens, the more intense she gets.

*“Himnanmori” is the name of the typhoon which occurred in August 2022 in Okinawa (JP).

Commissioned and Performed by Curious Qat – December 2022, Pallas theatre (CY)

Piano: Andri Hadjiandreou, Nicolas Melis

Percussion: Natasa Hadjiandreou

Witch: George Georgiou

Conductor: Andys Skordis

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